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Naija Italia with Tayo Ola: Event Recap

Cooking class hosted by creative producer and private dining chef Tayo Ola

Our Naija Italia cooking class hit off our Flavors Unveiled cooking classes, giving our supporters African and diaspora culinary experiences and a hands-on taste of the foods and cultures we want to preserve.

Hosted in a space provided by Jikoni Studios, all ticket proceeds go towards our non-profit's mission to treasure and preserve the legacy of home cooking in Africa and across the diaspora.

Guided by Chef Tayo's culinary expertise, participants explored a dynamic fusion of West African flavors and Italian culinary traditions. The class celebrated the convergence of Nigerian and Italian tastes, uniting dishes like jollof rice and suya seasoning with Italian classics like risotto and bruschetta. Students enjoyed an evening of fun, cooking, and Afrobeats while embracing the diverse flavors of contemporary West African gastronomy.


Feel inspired? Host your own Naija Italia fundraiser event through our Private Events Program, or come along to a future cooking class! Keep an eye on our Experiences Program and subscribe to our newsletter below to get updates straight to your inbox.

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