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Welcome to Heritage Hub, the home of our video projects. We believe culture is integral to development, and video is a huge part of how we connect and share ideas.

Over 3,000 tribes exist today in Africa, all using oral tradition to pass down stories and history through food and culture. With our Heritage Hub, video formats rekindle oral recipe traditions through vibrant visuals and familiar recipe-keeping practices, ensuring these food cultures are safeguarded for generations to come.

Heritage Hub

to create a portfolio of digital video series' that cherish everything from time-honored classics to innovative new-school dishes, curating a collection that celebrates the heart and soul of diverse traditions sourced from oral legacies. 

The vision:

Comprised of food media experts, a core ethos of Jikoni Recipe Archive is to establish itself at the center of the media movement bringing African and diasporic foods into the mainstream. 


New media provides a platform to amplify these historically marginalized cuisines, increasing their visibility in the food mainstream and creating a centralized body that can spearhead the celebration of these cultures.

We are piloting new digital video series and are looking for season sponsors. 

Get in touch to learn more

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