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Jollof & Friends with Gloria Allorbi: Event Recap

Cooking class hosted by Gloria's Shito creator Gloria Allorbi

Our latest cooking class in our Flavors Unveiled event series, Jollof and Friends, giving our supporters African and diaspora culinary experiences and a hands-on taste of the foods and cultures we want to preserve.

Hosted in a space provided by Jikoni Studios, all ticket proceeds go towards our non-profit's mission to treasure and preserve the legacy of home cooking in Africa and across the diaspora.

Gloria Allorbi — creator of Gloria's Shito, the unique Ghanaian chili oil that celebrates the flavors and traditions of the nation — took her students on a flavor experience through West African dishes with a Californian twist. From delectable jollof rice to crunchy cabbage salad and fried yellow plantains, attendees immersed themselves in traditionally vegetarian dishes, and celebrated the intersection of flavors from across the globe.


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