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August 2023 Newsletter

a grandmother stands in her kitchen showing her granddaughter how to roll out dough that will be made into Kenyan chapatis, a type of flatbread similar to paratha
Watch Koko's Cabbage with Kiano's grandmother on our recipe page

👋 Jambo, friends!

We are Jikoni Recipe Archive, a non-profit with a mission to celebrate the rich cuisine of Africa and its diaspora by documenting the legacy of traditional home cooking, while amplifying the evolution of its vibrant food culture.

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In this month's issue, you'll find bitesize content about:

🍳 Our event series: Flavors Unveiled: African & Diaspora Culinary Experiences

📚 New West African cookbooks every home cook needs

🌍 Recent food news from Africa + its diaspora

⭐ Volunteer highlight


Flavors Unveiled: African & Diaspora Culinary Experiences

Increasing the visibility of African and diaspora cuisine in the mainstream through interactive cooking classes and multi-course dining experiences

Chai Time with Kiano Moju

Cooking workshop and dining experience

Guests had smiles all afternoon long as they enjoyed a 3-course Kenyan afternoon tea party, complete with a samosa folding workshop and Kiano's signature Coastal Mimosas.

Naija Italia with Temitayo Ola

Cooking class

Sold out so fast, we had to add extra tickets! As the sun set, the immaculate vibes continued as our cooking class students jammed to Afrobeats while making jollof risotto and suya shrimp scampi.

Jollof & Friends with Gloria Allorbi

Cooking class

With Gloria's Shito on hand, Gloira took her cooking class students through a flavor explosion with her traditional Ghanaian recipes for jollof rice and kelewele. Don't get us started on the peanut brittle!


New West African Cookbooks

Sweet Salone by Maria Bradford

Experience the unique and diverse traditional recipes and delightful Afro-fusion flavors by Sierra Leone-born and London-based caterer Maria Bradford.

Order here!

Simply West African by Pierre Thiam

Delve into the vibrant flavors of West Africa with 80 easy, accessible, and irresistible recipes - a warming culinary journey by the acclaimed Senegalese-born New York chef, author, and restaurateur Pierre Thiam.

Pre-order here!

My Everyday Lagos by Yewande Komolafe

Embark on a flavorful journey through Lagos with 75 recipes that celebrate Nigerian cuisine and culture, by Lagos-born chef, food writer, and New York Times Cooking editor Yewande Komolafe.

Pre-order here!


Recent Africa + Diaspora News

🌍 This chef visited 48 African countries to create a new ‘Afro-fusion’ cuisine

Chef Dieuveil Malonga's Rwandan restaurant, Meza Malonga, fosters the next generation of culinary pioneers and spotlights the flavors of the continent. The restaurant's success is a testament to the growing global interest in African cuisine.

🍲 Africa's forgotten foods

In the rapidly urbanizing African continent, traditional dishes and indigenous ingredients risk being forgotten. Michael Kaloki highlights the importance of preserving African culinary heritage and why urban diets pose a wider health issue.

♨️ How Can We Save the Cookout?

Daric Cottingham reflects on communal traditions like cookouts, and how such gatherings have become less frequent, leading to loneliness and isolation. Cottingham explores the role of Gen-Z in working to keep this vital tradition of community alive.


Volunteer Highlight

Joshua Francis, event photographer

Josh is an experienced digital designer and photographer. We were thrilled to have him photograph our Chai Time influencer preview, catching all the smiles and fun as our students enjoyed a 3-course Kenyan-style afternoon tea party!


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