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Taken at a vegetable stand in West Africa, the photo is of a bowl of chosen fruits and vegetables, including bell peppers, limes, ginger, turmeric, and tomatoes, with apples, oranges, pineapples, corn, and other fruits surrounding the bowl.


Our mission is to spotlight and preserve African and diaspora cuisines. We aim to rejuvenate culinary heritage, foster cultural appreciation, and amplify these diverse food traditions.


Bring the cuisines of Africa & its diaspora to the forefront of online food media with educational videos and community-sourced recipes.


Preserve the culinary history and culture of Africa and diaspora communities to benefit their current and future generations.


Commend the efforts of chefs and food content creators by offering a platform to exhibit their culinary heritage, be it by upholding the traditions of essential recipes or by introducing fresh perspectives to the menu.


Flavors Unveiled

The Flavors Unveiled event series celebrates chefs from Africa and its diaspora and provides them a platform to showcase their culinary heritage through hands-on cooking classes and supper clubs.


The project showcases traditional and contemporary dishes from Africa and across the diaspora, presented by partners and guests who want to bring a new food narrative to the forefront of food culture.

Digital Recipe Platform

Our vision is to curate a digital recipe platform that will document traditional and modern recipes from Africa and its diaspora communities, addressing the decline of oral tradition in home kitchens, and fostering a space where community members around the world feel their cultural heritage is respected and valued.

By promoting approachable home cooking in growing urban communities where the fast food boom has had drastic consequences for those leaving traditional diets, we aim to create Healthy Living Resources for the continent and beyond.

Late 2024


increase in obesity rates after the expansion of fast food to Ghana 


tribes exist today in Africa, all using oral tradition


of books published in 2018 were written by people of color



of the world's population now have access to the internet

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